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Acorn BBC Micro in Electric Dreams (1984)

The store that Miles buys his computer from also stocks BBC Micros.

Importance: *
Realism: ****
These weren't common in the USA. Did Richard Branson take one with him, I wonder...?

Visibility: *
On the shelves at the back, middle of the frame.




Year of feature (shown above)


They actually filmed these scenes in the UK but mocked the store up to look like an American store. Same with the supermarket scenes - all filmed over here :)
2010-07-22 10:06


I had one of the bbc master systems, with a whopping 32k memory, crappy tape drive that never had the right volume, and a green screen. Didn't stop me an a schoolmate coding in a game that 2 players could play on the screen on the same keyboard. Ah, the memories!
2014-04-06 17:13


Acorn did attempt to sell the Beeb in the US. Despite positive mentions in magazines like Byte and COMPUTE!, it was a flop. The vast majority of American Beebs (with their completely redesigned motherboard) were sent back to Blighty to be converted to UK spec, making an unmodified US Beeb quite the collector's item now.
2017-03-04 10:01


What computer does Miles buy? The computers listed here are ones shown in the store.
2018-05-03 19:52


Kevin, To the best I can recall - Id have to sit down and watch it again but I seem to recall it been a "Pinecone" Pc8001 which I believe was fictional "computer" made just for the Movie
2018-06-22 11:15