2020-11-01 11:37 Many mainframes and a smattering of supercomputers
Let's start with the debutantes. A Thinking Machines CM-1 makes an appearance in The Fly II (along with an IBM System/370), Hangar 18 has a first appearance for the GE 210 (along with the GE 635), and the IBM 1130 make its first appearance in The Naked Bunyip (along with the System/360). The IBM System/360 also appears in the "Mad Men" episode The Monolith and the German film Die Ente klingelt um halb acht. All the Troubles of the World has the Honeywell 6000 and The Billion Dollar Bubble has the Sperry UNIVAC 1110. Then there is the usual assortment of Burroughs B205 and IBM AN/FSQ-7 appearances in The Man With My Face, Fail Safe, Time Travelers, the "Cannon" episode The Rip Off and "The Land of the Giants" episode Brainwash (which also has shots of the Burroughs B220 and IBM 1620).