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Atari 600/800 XL in Big (1988)

Josh has the Atari in his office at Macmillan toys (presumably to test games).

Importance: *
Realism: ****
The eight-bit home computers where a bit long in the tooth by 1988.

Visibility: *




Year of feature (shown above)


Being an 80's kid, I had one of these computers. It was a great gaming computer! You could plug in the Atari 2600 controllers. It had a cartridge slot on the top. AND, I had an external floppy disk drive that I had quite a library of games on! My favorite game....Miner 2049er.
2009-05-20 16:30

mhmrules (Matt, Handsome Matt)

Maybe he's got some games from long ago he plays every now and then.
2015-02-20 11:27


In 1988, games were still being made for 8-bit computers. The Commodore 64 was still quite popular (and would be for another year or two and was actually produced until 1994). Game production probably peaked around 1987 for the C64. The Atari 8-bits had faded quite a bit by this point but they were still being produced as well (I think they were on to the XE series by this point though).
2018-04-05 20:14