Starring the Computer is a website dedicated to the use of computers in film and television. Each appearance is catalogued and rated on its importance (ie. how important it is to the plot), realism (how close its appearance and capabilities are to the real thing) and visibility (how good a look does one get of it). Fictional computers don't count (unless they are built out of bits of real computer), so no HAL9000 - sorry.

Please let me know if you spot any mistakes, or have any tips about films not mentioned here that feature computers.

James Carter <>


2017-05-27 23:15 Inspect an Amiga 1500
The Commodore Amiga 1500 makes its first appearance on Starring the Computer with its role in Deadly Slumber the first episode of season seven of Inspector Morse.
2017-05-21 00:06 A Trio of iMacs
There is an iMac G3 or an iMac G4 in Good Boy!, Wasabi and the My Family episode Age of Romance.
2017-05-13 00:31 A Sackful of SAGE
All of the follow features have SAGE (IBM AN/FSQ-7) panels in them: Open Fire (which also has IBM PS/2s), Bizaardvark - Season 1, Close Encounters of the Third Kind, The Bionic Woman The Vega Influence and Kill Oscar, Logan's Run "Man Out of Time", The Manitou, The Apocalypse and Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back (which also has Burroughs B205 tape drives, an Apple iMac G3 and an Apple Power Mac G4 Cube).
2017-05-06 01:49 Sony Pixels
Pixels has a couple of Sony Starring-the-Computer debutantes, a VAIO Duo 13 and a Sony VAIO Tap 21, as well as brief glimpse of an old Commodore 64 and Commodore 64C.
2017-05-01 23:00 Apple Zone
Drop Zone is awash with Apple computers: a Macintosh, a Powerbook Duo, a Quadra 650 and a Quadra 800. There's also a Compaq Contura 4/25cx.
2017-04-22 12:56 90s Laptop Double Debut
Two early 90s laptops make their first appearance on Starring the Computer: a Toshiba T1000LE in an episode of Spatz and a Compaq LTE 286 in an episode of Frasier.
2017-04-14 14:37 Dutch Creator Guy
Dutch has a Zenith Supersport, Creator has a DEC Professional 300 and Guy X has a Commodore PET 2001.
2017-04-09 22:49 Two IIs
There are two more appearances for the Apple II in Never Forget and 3-2-1 Contact.
2017-04-04 23:56 The Arrival of an AT&T
The Arrival offers Starring the Computer its first AT&T Safari 3151.
2017-03-31 23:48 A Romantic IBM
A Little Romance has a small but significant appearance for a IBM System/360 model 91.