Starring the Computer is a website dedicated to the use of computers in film and television. Each appearance is catalogued and rated on its importance (ie. how important it is to the plot), realism (how close its appearance and capabilities are to the real thing) and visibility (how good a look does one get of it). Fictional computers don't count (unless they are built out of bits of real computer), so no HAL9000 - sorry.

Please let me know if you spot any mistakes, or have any tips about films not mentioned here that feature computers.

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2015-11-27 10:33 TI-99/4A
The Texas Instruments TI-99/4A feels like an obvious omission from the site, but that's now fixed thanks to an appearance in the Riptide episode The Orange Grove.
2015-11-26 17:33 A 370 and a 120
An IBM System/370 plays a pivotal role in the Partridge Family episode Forgive Us Our Debits (thanks to John for reporting this appearance). The HP 120 has a very fleeting appearance in The Lift, but it is its Starring-the-Computer debut.
2015-10-30 22:35 Congenially Bound
A few more Apples to report: Bound has a Powerbook 180, and Miss Congeniality 2: Armed and Fabulous has an iBook G4 and a brief glimpse of an iMac G4.
2015-10-13 00:18 Junior Apples
Gate 2: The Trespassers gives the IBM PCjr its Starring-the-Computer debut and the Apple Powerbook 140 also make its first appearance in Treehouse Hostage.
2015-09-13 21:20 TI a Sperry Ribbon
Another couple of machines make their Starring-the-Computer debut. The first is the Sperry UNIVAC 1106, which makes an appearance in Man on a Punched Card (an episode of The Immortal). The second is a little controversial! I don't include terminals on Starring the Computer, but the Texas Instruments Model 770 Intelligent Terminal has so many computer-like features that I've decided to include it. It appears in Complex (an episode of the New Avengers). Thanks very much to James and Pete respectively for tipping me off about these.
2015-08-15 19:24 Acorns from Darkest Peru
There is a rather surprising role for an Acorn Archimedes in the film adaptation of the children's favourite Paddington.
2015-06-13 21:39 Kill Karate Pirxa
There are brief shots of a DEC PDP-11/40 in Test pilota Pirxa, Kill Daddy Goodnight has brief roles for a Apple Clamshell iBook G3 and a Commodore Amiga 500, and Karate Cop has a crucial role for a Commodore 64.
2015-05-09 17:59 Scary Atari
Fright Night has the briefest of glimpses of an Atari 400. Thanks to Dan for spotting this and letting me know.
2015-04-11 19:54 A Miscellany
Smarkus and Company has a pivotal role for an Apple II and the Inspector Morse episode Ghost in the Machine has a few brief sightings of an IBM PS/2 Model 30/55. Then there are a couple of machines making their Starring-the-Computer debit: the Apple Powerbook 165c in The Seventh Floor and the Olivetti M15 in the first episode of The New Statesman.
2015-03-07 00:08 Fresh SAGE
Rock Jocks is, to my knowledge, the most recent film to include the venerable IBM AN-FSQ7 in addition to a little bunch of Apples: a Apple II, a pair of Macintosh SEs and a Macbook Pro.