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SGI Indy in Twister (1996)

The Indy is used to display the data from "Dorothy" the tornado measuring device. There is a specially built Indy laptop, and an Indy Presenter.

Importance: ****
Realism: **
Although the work of the machine is representative of what the Indy is capable of, the laptop is not very authentic - although the mock-up was bult by SGI.

Visibility: ****




Year of feature (shown above)


I did a little work on said "laptop" on set. It was a dummy machined out of Corian (used in kitchen counters, etc.), only the display worked, not the keyboard. There was an Indy hiding under the tables and locations with an umbilical cord, driving the faux laptop display. A 9V battery powered the trio of LEDs indicating power, drive activity, etc. So you were seeing real IRIX in action on the display, just not from the "laptop."
2022-08-26 18:51