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Commodore Amiga 500 in Ebba och Didrik - Season 1, Episode 3 (1990)

Mårten shows Ebba some games on his Amiga 500.

Importance: **
Realism: ***
The full-screen video with speech synthesis seems a bit far fetched.

Visibility: ***




Year of feature (shown above)


Actually, full screen video and speech synthesis is well within the range of an amiga 500... the OS even ships with speech software...
2010-03-10 17:07


That picture of the joystick. It's a Wico-brand Command Control joystick. The joystick itself was interchangeable to various shapes according the user's tastes. it had quality construction, decent movement, and satisfying trigger action, though it would have benefited with heavier weight.
2010-08-16 07:59


The first game played in the scene is "Sword of Sodan".
2017-04-09 10:25