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IBM ThinkPad 300 in Contact (1997)

Ellie uses her Thinkpad to control a large radio telescope and listen to incoming signals from space, identifying the alien signal.

Importance: *****
Realism: *****
Visibility: ***




Year of feature (shown above)


It's an IBM Thinkpad from the 760 series, not 300. You can clearly recognize it by the lifted keyboard in the 2nd shot. Lifting the keyboard when opening the display is a key feature of the 760 family of Thinkpads, and they're the only ones that do this thing. Also in the first shot a speaker grill on the lower left angle of the palm rest can be partially seen, another distinctive trait of the 760 family.
2021-02-27 14:32


It's absolutely a 760TP like the one used I the NASA Space shuttle program! I have two 760's in my collection
2022-06-11 13:29

WOS aka Waste Of SPACE

The movie was released in 1997 ? Can anyone identify the ThinkPad laptop Ballistic Nylon lappie bag Eleanor Arroway uses with the 760TP ? The movie Looks so grainy when you watch it back in 2022. Hard to read the LOGO ? Was it just a standard issue IBM ThinkPad nylon bag or something special made up by the Prop Master ? Seems to be OPEN at the bottom so the IBM 760TP can expand when required while it stays a slim fit for media conferencing at the White House ? The bag today would be worth saving from landfill. WOS :*)
2022-07-02 19:43