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Atari 800

Along with the 400, the 800 was Atari's first foray into the home computer market, and was the first such computer to be equipped with custom coprocessors for enhanced graphics and sound capabilities.

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Chocky (1984)

Matthew plays on his friend Colin's Atari 800 and, with Chocky's help, beats the game causing the computer to "overload" in the process.

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Importance: ***
Realism: ***
Computers do not emit smoke as a result of beating the highest level of space invaders!

Visibility: ****

Time Walker (1982)

One of Doug's colleagues, Jack Parker, uses his Atari 800 to monitor the university's reactor and to investigate a strange diagram found in the crystals.

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Importance: **
Realism: ****
Visibility: ***