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Jurassic Park (1993)

Scientist clone dinosaurs from blood found in ancient mosquitos, to populate a theme park. These dinosaurs subsequently escape during a tour by the park's first visitors.

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Motorola Envoy

There is a Motorola Envoy on the desk in the Park's control centre.

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Importance: *
Realism: ****
The Envoy was not available for sale at the time this film was made so presumably this is a pre-production model.

Visibility: **

SGI Crimson

The Crimson is in the control centre.

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Importance: ****
"It's a Unix system - I know this!"

Realism: ***
Although the file manager portayed at the time did not exist, it was subsequently written and released.

Visibility: **

Thinking Machines CM-5

The Connection Machine acts as the Park's Central Computer.

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Importance: ****
The system has to be rebooted before that Park's security systems and phones will work.

Realism: ****
The lights flash just like they do normally, although it's hard to understand why a theme park needs a supercomputer..

Visibility: ***