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Dark Season - Season 1 (1991)

This series by Russell T, Davis (Dr Who), and starring Kate Winslet in an early role, sees a group of three school children trying to save the world as a madman tries to take over and impose anarchy using computers with mysterious powers.

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Acorn Archimedes

Posing as an Abyss computer, the Archie is in the classroom and the children use it to hack into Eldrich's files.

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Importance: *****
Realism: **
The graphical abilities of the machine are right, but it also seems to have wireless networking and human/computer "symbiosis".

Visibility: ****

Toshiba T1000

The Tosh acts as an Abyss computer that is given to every child in the school.

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Importance: *****
Realism: *
The Abyss box label says that it's a 386, which isn't true, but the blinding white light that takes over the mind of the user is perhaps the greater use of artistic license.

Visibility: ****