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Congo (1995)

A pair of researchers are on a mission to return the gorilla they have taught sign language to the wild. Unknown to them the other members of their party are, in reality, searching for high grade diamonds in the mine at the mythical city of Zinj.

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SGI Indy

Indys are used in TraviCom datacenter, including one with an IndyCam for videoconferencing. There's another fake Indy laptop l (very similar to the laptop in Twister).

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Importance: ***
The videoconferencing drives the plot along now and again.

Realism: **
Dragged down by that "laptop".

Visibility: ***

SGI Onyx

There are a number of big-iron SGI boxes in the TraviCom datacenter. I'm not entirely sure, they look like Onyx systems to me.

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Importance: *
Pretty boxes to run past.

Realism: ****
Visibility: *
Blink and you miss it.