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Commodore 64 in Control Alt Delete (2008)

Lewis keeps his old Commodore 64, the first computer he programmed, on his desk, much to the annoyance of his girlfriend.

Importance: ***
Realism: ****
This C64 uses lower case characters for its boot screen.

Visibility: ***




Year of feature (shown above)

Darren Carter

The C64 would display lowercase on its boot screen in "shifted" mode. I know this could be done with a poke, though if I remember, there was a keystroke to do it. The setting could also been done with a fastload cart that had preference settings. The screen color is not factory, so it could be cart controlled preferences.
2012-01-20 08:58


Lo unico que valio la pena de esta pelicula fue ver la commodore 64, la disquetera 1541 y el monitor 1702. No pense que iba a ser tan mala. El tipo poniendola en el agujero de la computadora asqueroso e impresentable.
2012-09-30 09:41


The keystroke is C= Shift IIRC.
2015-10-21 09:41