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ICT 1301 in Doctor Who - Season 10, "The Green Death" (1973)

The computer system controlling Global Chemicals is made in part from ICT 1301 panels.

Importance: *****
Realism: **
Visibility: ***




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Adam Sampson

I'm not sure if the tape drive there is a mockup, but it's certainly something the BBC props department had around for a while. It shows up in various other Pertree and Baker Doctor Who episodes throughout the 70s - City of Death (1979) has three of them in the Count's lab. It's also in the opening scenes of the first episode of Yes, Prime Minister (1986).
2021-05-08 13:32

Adam Sampson

The DVD commentary for this story says that the "computer room" props were hired from Century 21 Productions, and many of them (although not the ICT 1301s?) do indeed show up in the SHADO HQ and Moonbase sets in UFO.
2021-05-22 23:49