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Hackers (1995)

Dade moves to New York with his mother seven years after being convicted for crashing 1507 computers with a virus. There he meets a group of young hackers who are being framed for infecting a "Gibson" supercomputer with a virus, really a cover for a security analyst to steal millions of dollars.

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Apple IIGS

Joey uses his IIGS to break into the Ellingson Mineral Corporation and steal part of a garbage file.

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Importance: *****
The garbage file hides evidence of Eugene's plot, and he convinces the Secret Service to arrest Joey and his cohorts.

Realism: **
This machine displays graphical capabilities way beyond what the Apple is capable of.

Visibility: *

Apple Powerbook Duo

Kate's new laptop is a Powerbook Duo 280c. Eugene attempts to bribe Dade by sending him a new clear-cased Duo 280c.

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Importance: *****
Kate uses the Powerbook for all her hacking exploits.

Realism: ***
Silly graphics, and of course this is the Apple that is infamously described as having the "new P6 chip".

Visibility: ****