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Apple Newton MessagePad 100

In 1994, Apple's MessagePad 100 series was one of the earliest PDAs on the market. In common with all Newton's of the era, it was often criticised for it's handwriting recognition which could give mixed results.

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Ransom (1996)

The kidnappers use the MessagePad to route their telephone calls, making them untraceable.

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Importance: ***
Realism: **
I don't remember Newton OS having an FBI-proof dialler option.

Visibility: **

Under Seige 2 (1995)

Casey uses his Messagepad 120 to send a fax alerting the authorities to the situation on the train.

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Importance: ****
Realism: ****
All seems fine except that this Messagepad 120 has a blue backlight - the 120 has no backlight and subsequent models had a green backlight.

Visibility: ****