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Under Seige 2 (1995)

Evil genius Travis Dane hijacks a train and takes over a military satellite that can cause earthquakes. Casey Ryback, who is conicidentally on the same train, must prevent Dane from using the satellite against the Pentagon and save the trains' passengers, including his niece.

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Apple Newton MessagePad 100

Casey uses his Messagepad 120 to send a fax alerting the authorities to the situation on the train.

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Importance: ****
Realism: ****
All seems fine except that this Messagepad 120 has a blue backlight - the 120 has no backlight and subsequent models had a green backlight.

Visibility: ****

Toshiba T4600C

This is Dane's laptop. He uses it towards the end of the film to control the satellite.

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Importance: ****
The laptop controls the satellite at the climax of the film.

Realism: ***
The cell phone strapped to it seems a bit dodgy to me.

Visibility: ***