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Acorn BBC Micro

Released in 1981, the BBC Micro was a popular computer in the UK, particularly in education as a result of its use in a BBC computer literacy programme.

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Electric Dreams (1984)

The store that Miles buys his computer from also stocks BBC Micros.

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Importance: *
Realism: ****
These weren't common in the USA. Did Richard Branson take one with him, I wonder...?

Visibility: *
On the shelves at the back, middle of the frame.

Supergirl (1984)

Supergirl assumes the identity of a normal schoolgirl she calls Linda Lee. Whilst at school she joins a computer class and BBC Micros are seen at the back of the classroom.

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Importance: *
Realism: ****
This would have been spot on if the film was set in Britain, but the BBC Micro was a major flop in the USA.

Visibility: **