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Honeywell H200

The H200 was introduced to compete with IBM's 1401. It could even run the same programs as the 1401 thanks to supplied emulation software.

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Billion Dollar Brain (1967)

The Honeywell stands in as the titular billion dollar brain.

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Importance: *****
The computer directs all the activities of the FFF.

Realism: **
The billion dollar brain displays capabilities that were simply not possible in the late 1960s.

Visibility: *****
The images in the film are the best photographic record I can find of this machine.

Casino Royale (1967)

When Sir James visits Vesper Lynd to hire her for the mission, she is running her business empire using the H200 series machine.

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Importance: **
Realism: ***
Only the programmer's panel and some tape drives are in evidence.

Visibility: **