2020-04-13 12:55 Abundant April Apples
Apple is the most abundant manufacturer on Starring the Computer and as a result I do somewhat lack enthusiasm for them, particularly later machines. For that reason there's a bit of a backlog in the to-do list, and I've made an attempt to clear that a bit. All of the following contain Apple computers: Can't Buy Me Love (Macintosh), Kamillions (Macintosh), the "Due South" episode We Are the Eggmen (Power Macintosh 5000), the "Friends" episode The One with Barry and Mindy's Wedding (Powerbook 540c), Beverly Hills Ninja (Powerbook 5300), Wag the Dog (Powerbook Duo and a sneaky IBM Thinkpad 500), In Dreams (Power Macintosh 4400/7220), Gossip (debutante Power Macintosh 8600/9600 and a Powerbook G3), Femme Fatale (Clamshell iBook G3, Power Mac G4 Cube, Powerbook G4), Garfield (iMac G4, Power Mac G4), Constantine (Powerbook G4), King's Ransom (iMac G4), Clerks II (iMac G4), Drake and Josh Go Hollywood (Powerbook G4), Meet the Spartans (Macbook Pro), the "Modern Family" episode Bixby's Back (iMac G5, Macbook Pro), Sanctum (Macbook Pro, Unibody iMac), Trespass (Aluminum iMac), Man on a Ledge (Unibody iMac), Return to Nim's Island (Macbook, Unibody iMac), the "Revolution" episode The Longest Day (iMac G5, Macintosh SE, Power Mac G5, and a Raspberry Pi Foundation Raspberry Pi), Everest (Macintosh SE), Captain America: Civil War (Macintosh), and Hush (Macbook Pro).