2021-03-06 17:22 A Portfolio of Portables
Fast & Furious starts us off with the diminutive OQO Model 2. Then there is a small collection of Apple laptops: a Powerbook 5300 in Grosse Pointe Blank, a Powerbook G4 in Wedding Crashers and a Macbook in Contract Killers. Finally there are a bunch of laptops making their Starring-the-Computer debut. The Incredible Hulk has a Dell Latitude XPi and a Getac A770, The Girl in the Spider's Web has a Getac V110 (and a sneaky Commodore PET in the background), Iron Man has the Toshiba Tecra 730CDT, Hacker has the Dell Latitude 7220 Rugged Extreme and 7424 Rugged Extreme, Colorless Green has the Compaq Presario C700 and HP Compaq dc7600 (along with the familiar Apple Macbook Pro), and the season 10 finale of Death in Paradise has a Samsung Galaxy Book.