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Apple IIc

The IIc was the "compact" version of the Apple IIe. It was semi-portable, with a carry handle and a prohibitively expensive LCD display available.

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Explorers (1985)

Wolfgang's IIc is used to drive the mysterious circuit board and ultimately forms an integral part of their spacecraft.

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Importance: *****
Realism: **
The Apple's graphical abilities have been considerably enhanced.

Visibility: *****

A View to a Kill (1985)

Bond and Stacey use the Apple to plot the strength and location of an earthquake caused by Zorin's mine flooding.

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Importance: ***
Realism: ****
Assuming there was a modem hidden somewhere, this seems pretty accurate.

Visibility: ****
Not on screen long, but a good close-up view.

Where Evil Lives (1991)

One of the caretaker's stories is about an evil doctor who hires a killer to murder people and collect their organs for transplant. The doctor keeps his records on an Apple IIc.

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Importance: ***
Realism: ****
The machine is not plugged in in one scene.

Visibility: **